Back to the Wireless Broadband Preparation, that I posted few week back, here some update during the wireless broadband installation. As mention earlier, after I have prepare those power adapter, Power Over Ethernet Injector, and label all the access point nicely, and my colleague send all the boxes to our client side, It is much more easier during the installation after we have well preparation.

The wall mount rack and the cable has been install and lay correctly by the contractor, my job is to do the installation of switches, power adapter and also POE injector nicely and accordingly into the server rack.

During the installation, the whole bunch of cable at the rack did not label by the contractor, this is the reason delay our job, we require using cable tester to test one by one from the other end (above ceiling) , and label it our self.

The location for the rack without any air cond, kinda hot for me, and sweat a lot during the deployment of the power adapter and the POE injector on top of the cable tray.

After install all the power adapter and the POE injector nicely on top of the tray, I have to add in the patch cord and also the power cord.

To avoid the cable become messy, we have to use cable tie to tie up the cable nicely. Also easy for us to troubleshoot in the future.

2 tray have completely install and screw it into the rack, the patch cord and also the power cord also position in a proper manner. Switch located on the top, follow by 2 tray.

Power extension have place on the bottom of the rack.

This is the overview of the whole rack, which include swiches, cable tray with power adapter and POE Injector, and also power cord with extension. I have manage to build 2 rack, 1 at 4th floor support for 21’s Access point (21 power adapter and 21 POE Injector) and another rack at 2nd floor which support 15’s Access Point (15 power adapter and 15 POE Injector)

After finish the rack installation, we have to prepare the access point and the antenna and place it on top of ceiling.

On top of the ceiling, some are have access hole, and some don’t have, we require to put the access point in the speaker hole, and guess what? the speaker there are just for display, no wire and did not function one 😛

On this wifi installation, it is a very good exposure for me, I experience on the beginning until the end of the whole process including wireless network design, preparation and installation, access point setting, with different channel. My skill have been upgrade from the previous experience wifi installation on my ex-company. My next target would be know how WiMAX works and it’s installation if possible.