~My IT Officer Life~

Refer to my previous post: PenangFon (Fiber Optic). I have mention that a 3rd party company come in to my company to install Wifi Service. This project start from June, the 3rd party company come in to install all the equipment.

On June, this whole month they are actually pulling the Cat-5 cable from 19th floor to lobby. At the same time, they also open access hole for the ceiling, to enable we put in the Access Point (AP). After finish this, beginning of July, they start to bring in all the AP.

This is only 2 box, still have another 4 box keep at the other place, due to my office is too small…

This is the AP, metal case, is a out door AP, the signal very stong.

The antena are small, they are going to change it to longger size antena.

Inside the box, there are few item needed, such as power cable, UTP cable

The important thing is the POE (Power Over Ethernet) adapter.

This is the POE adapter or we call it as Power Over Ethernet Injector (above)

With the POE enable AP

Now, all the AP are install accordingly, around 40++ AP are install along the whole building. Soon, i will take the screen shoot on how the AP install and review it such as the speed and the guest respond.