This topic become more and more popular few month ago when Paypal announce that allow to withdraw fund to debit card. Here come my experience…

Experience 1
2 month ago, about the time to cash out my Paypal fund, around December 2007, paypal suddenly send an email for me mention that my Public Bank Debit Card has been expired. After few email chit chat with Paypal technical support, they are unable to solve my problem, the only solution Paypal give me is to add another card… I have no idea why, so I call to public bank and ask, as expected, they can’t answer my question, so I send an email to them. After a week, Public Bank call me and I again explain, they agree to give me a new card. Hoo…Ray…but need to wait a week time.

My 2 cent
May be when I add in my debit card 1 year ago, Dec 2006, I did not verify it. After 1 year, the PayPal’s system will remove it. So beware if you don’t verify your account, faster verify it before it is too late.


Experience 2
So on that time, add in new card is only solution; if I wait my new Debit Card to arrive and wait for verify code(2-4 week at least), the more risk my USD put at Paypal…

To speed up the process, I immediate add in my Credit Card for verify (No choice, have to take risk, Credit Card over Internet are more risky). After that, I call to credit card center to obtain the 4 digit code, and my paypal successful verify.

After Verify my account, and get my new Debit Card last week, I try to withdraw 500USD to my Debit Card. With 5USD charges, total withdraw is USD495

withdraw paypal fund to debit card

It stated that 5 to 7 days process, I was expected my account will credited late, due to holidays( Chinese New Year) and week end. Who know, I check my Bank Account at the 1st days on this week, my account was credited MYR1580.67

I withdraw 500USD on last Tuesday, and Thursday was Chinese New Year following with week end, and 1st day on this week was credited. The process was faster then my expectation. I not sure the process of other bank, but for Public Bank, I can give 3 thumb up!!!

Worth or Not worth
Worth!!! The conversion rate was MYR1580.67/USD495 = 3.1933 . According to, the exchange rate for that days was 3.2020. The rate is reasonable. But….

Not Worth!!! If you would like to calculate also the 5USD charges, which mean the rate will be MYR1580.67/USD500 = 3.1613 only. I selling my fund over forum also can get conversion rate 3.20++

So depend on what you need, fast process of higher conversion rate ??? actually for me is the same.

So what your experience?