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Using the Google analytics

If you have an AdWords campaign but are not using the analytics then it is the equivalent of driving at night with the lights switched off! To make any changes for the good you need to see what is going on in with your campaign! Even if you have switched on the analytics you may […]

Secure Socket Layer The Foundation For TRUST

Since this preliminary industry release by 1995 via VeriSign, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) has become the de facto security standard for ecommerce. The data encryption together with authorization that come with an Secure Socket Layer Certificates bought using a legitimate Certificate Authority (CA) are now worthwhile ingredients for e-commerce web-pages to make confidence on their […]

The Real ROI on a Web-Based System

How do we determine the real ROI on a web-based system? As a administrators know the challenge of determining a product’s true ROI, but without that data, we can’t justify purchases especially big, expensive systems. At Vero Beach High School, we developed a checklist of features that, when combined, should provide a clearer picture of […]

Youtube Marketing

Now a days, a lot of business using Youtube as a Marketing Tools. Brand-focused videos is one of the technique use as youtube marketing Viral videos in this sense, videos that seem authentic, but aren’t, may be too time-consuming or difficult for what you need to accomplish. But this doesn’t mean you can’t still use […]

My HP Netbook has arrive

Back to my application on Cool Uni Pack few week ago, I have receive the wifi modem few days after I submit my application form. According to TM, my netbook will be arrive approximate 2 week later. I have receive my netbook around 2 week plus as promise. A person call me up, said that […]

Mobile Wifi (MiFi)

1st time I heard about Mobile Wifi from Digi Internet, according to the website, this is the 1st in Malaysia to have this kind of Mobile Wifi devices, I believe the rest of the telco will bring in this device soon within few month time. This device model name HuaWei E5 What is Mobile Wifi […]

My Application on Streamyx Cool Uni Pack

Last month I was mentioning on Streamyx Student Package, and according to that blog post, I found that the latest offer does not include telephone rental (the information come from the TM help desk during I call up for enquiry) I believe the help desk does not have much product knowledge. With the wrong information, […]

Streamyx Student Package

Few month back I come across Streamyx student package, I was thinking to change my current plan from streamyx combo 1 to this new Streamyx cool Uni Pack. The price for this package is RM50 per month, still cheaper RM10 then my current combo 1 package. The special for this package is come with a […]

Basic Introduction to Frame Relay

After get understanding on E1 Carier System, Frame Relay is part of the related topic which play a big role on E1 Careir System Frame Relay is a simplified form of connection-based, packet-switching service in which synchronous frames of data are routed to destinations indicated on the header information. Frame Relay assumes an error-free physical […]

Basic Understanding on E1 Carrier System

While study on the radio system during my working hour, found that the system here are using normal Ethernet cable to connect the main system  to the Base Station. Normally an Ethernet cable maximum transmission distance are not recommended to be more the  100 Meter. According to the senior engineer over there, if the base station located far away […]

Broadband Access Technology

Access Network, (AN) is made by the international community in recent years (2006), a new concept, which includes subscriber line transmission system, MUX, but also including digital cross-connect equipment, and user / network interface device. In the ITU-T Study Group No. 13, the latest recommendations G.963, the access network is defined as the local exchange […]