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Linux files types

Recently I come across some linux command during I login to my customer site to retrieve activity log file, and also studies some of the linux file types, and simple command to know what is the file types at Linux Operating System. Linux uses four basic file types: ordinary files directories symbolic links block and […]

Windows Run Command

Did you use windows run command? As a normal user point of view, command and short cut key are very difficult to use, mostly prefer using mouse to click, but when you become a good friend to your computer, command and short cut key help a lot in daily job. For example, I always like […]

Ms-Dos Command

Ms-dos, or so called DOS (Disk Operating System) is one one of the oldest operating system (OS) , to operate this OS, you need to type in command, which is the instruction for the OS to perform certain task. Now a days, in our windows, it also have DOS, which we call it as “command […]

Heroes Happening at Penang

Time pass very fast,few week ago I was register Microsoft Technical Event, Heroes happening at Penang, now the event finally finish last week end. Normally Microsoft will organize event at Hotel functional room, and always organize at E&O Hotel, Penang, but this time, may be budget constrain, they organize the event at Intel Auditorium As […]

OpenSolaris Live CD

I like to collect CD, especially original and genuine. After checking out from Wing Loon‘s blog regarding OpenSolaris last month, I do apply one for my self. Just same as ubuntu live cd that I apply quite some time ago. This is the OpenSolaris life cd mail from San Francisco. The CD is very nice, […]

Speed Up Your New OEM Windows Vista

What is OEM Software? OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer, meaning that the original software are come with the new set of machine. What different between OEM or not OEM? OEM license are not transferable to other machine, only the particular machine are allow to use it. For non OEM software, license are allow to transfer. […]

Ubuntu (Season 2)

2 Week to Delivered Back to my previous post at: Ubuntu (Season 1) at 23rd MAY 2007, i have apply the free CD on Ubuntu website, then it say 10 week to deliver, but yesterday night when i back home, i saw a packet put at my table. It took only 2 week to arrive. […]

Ubuntu (Season 1)

Since last year June 2006 ,when i started join my company, I meet a colleague – Alvins, a funny and friendly guys who have a lot of IT knowledge and he mention with me a CD which can boot up and run the Operation System(OS) without a Hard Disk Drive(HDD). That mean the Operation System […]