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SQL Server Command

During my academic time, I learn basic on database, I still remember some of the term right now, such as “Primary Key“, “Normalization“, “Normal form“, bla bla bla, but not really remember how this term are. If talking on more practical, I not really learn on Microsoft SQL Server, I just have opportunities to learn […]

Where to download Hiren BootCd

Look for source to download hiren bootcd? I am google over and over again looking to download hiren bootcd, and seen to be hard to get a real download link for download hiren bootcd. Most of the website require to register as paid member before can get the download hiren bootcd’s link. Few week back, […]

OpenSolaris Live CD

I like to collect CD, especially original and genuine. After checking out from Wing Loon‘s blog regarding OpenSolaris last month, I do apply one for my self. Just same as ubuntu live cd that I apply quite some time ago. This is the OpenSolaris life cd mail from San Francisco. The CD is very nice, […]

Tech Icon [Sharing]

Recently running over the Internet, visit Uncle Google and Mr.Yahoo over and over again to seek some nice icon for my Web Hosting business website. Unfortunately did not found much for web hosting related icon. Below are some nice icon which I would like to share with all my readers. Source: hxxp://rapi**mium_Icons.rar.html Source: hxxp://rapidsh**ns.rar Tips: […]

P-Version Antivirus

Recently I found that my old friend has a blog, an Ex-Collegue during work at Cititel Midvalley, KL. His name is Alvin Soong. In his blog, show a lot movie and software download source. Most are from rapidshare, which able to download free, but not allow multiple download, and only may start download another file […]

Backup Driver Before Format Your PC.

Chinese New Year(CNY) just pass few days, and I also busy entertain relative… During CNY visit here and there, also not much time online doing research and blogging. Almost 10 days did’nt update my blog, after back form my vacation… Is time to start blogging again. 🙂 While we finish format a PC, the hardware […]

Check Your IP with

Does you all realize that below “About me”, there are IP address appear there? Yes, that was your public IP address. With the below code, you may show your reader his/her public IP address Your IP Is <?php $ip=$_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’]; echo “$ip”; ?> With this above code, I don’t need to access when I need […] – SPAM blocking list (II)

On my previous mention on – Spam Blocking List , there are another website that shows the spam blocking list name SPAMCOP. Once of my client which using normal streamyx package and unable to send out email successful to their client, after check with this SPAMCOP website, realize that the IP is in the […]