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Contest for Malaysian Blogger

All Malaysian Blogger Alert, currently have a blogger contest organize by, manage by The Star and sponsored by Genting. I found this contest when I accidentally visit a blog call really thank for Hong Kiat. The purpose of this contest actually is to gather all Malaysian blogger under one root and let all […]

Dave – 黄色笑话

Today when i chatting with my friend – Dave at msn, suddenly he send this for me Dave | I’m sorry said: 命运就像强奸,你反抗不了,就要学习享受。 工作就像伦奸,你不行别人就上。 生活就像自慰,什么都要靠自己双手。 学习就像叫鸡,出钱又出力。 朋友就像内裤,在你大起大落时都包含你。 好朋友就像避孕套,时时刻刻都为你着想。 更好的朋友就像伟哥,在你抬不起头的时候给你力量。 said: siao eh..u Dave | I’m sorry said: wat siao said: Send this for me Dave | I’m sorry said: don u thnk that […]

Ubuntu (Season 1)

Since last year June 2006 ,when i started join my company, I meet a colleague – Alvins, a funny and friendly guys who have a lot of IT knowledge and he mention with me a CD which can boot up and run the Operation System(OS) without a Hard Disk Drive(HDD). That mean the Operation System […]

My List (Season 1)

Recently i like to i randomly browse thought some blog, and get some good idea from those blogger out there. i found a blog which have an interesting article, the blogger name Erin. This article is call My List, a list of Malaysian blogger. How My list work? The purpose of My List is to […]

Test Your Bandwidth

Now a days alot of people have internet connection, most Internet popular Service provider (ISP) will be Streamyx, and it have different package, some are 512Kbps and 1.0Mbps. The other Internet Service Provider (ISP) along Malaysia will be Jaring, Maxis Boardband, Penang Fon(Penang) and Metro Fon (KL) Today, a friend of mine, Benny, asking me […]

Why I like Photography

Photography, is once of the expensive hobbies among other, some professional photographer own a 20K(MYR) camera body and few lence that worth 20K to50K How Expensive is a Professional like Camera When i was secondary school, i have a classmate, LTK, who have a good background, he own a few camera which is very big […]

520, ???, May 20th

Today early in the morning, I receive a SMS from a friend – Erica, the SMS content is about today’s date… Honestly I really don’t know today is what date, until I read the whole SMS and realize today is 20th May – Chinese “I love you” day. The content describe that today, May 20th, […]

Google Adsense

When we talk about ads or advertising, most of the veteran blogger will know what is ads and they are putting some ads in their blog as well, once of the famous ads will be “Google Adsense” This program is call PPC (Pay Per Click), shortly we can describe “Google AdSense matches ads to your […]