When I flash back to Year 2008, I was thinking what I have been achieve?

Photography at 2008
So far not much special, just manage to own my 1st DLSR Nikon D80 beginning of the year, buy a 50mm lens (Approx RM380) at middle of the year, and my relative give me a set of manual SLR (Nikon F-801, AF Nikkor 35mm-105mm lens, SB-24 Flash Gun) at the end of the year. πŸ˜€ Not much photo shooting for year 2008, realize that my kits lens have fungus in side, my heart have a bit pain πŸ™

My Career at 2008
As an IT Engineer, I manage to learn more deep into networking such as Power Over Ethernet, taking my CCNA course at Penang, fully manage a hotel wireless system setup and get a Siemon Certified Installer, experience on termination and install at Categories 5e, Categories 6, and Categories 7 A.K.A Tera and fiber optic; Other then being a full time IT Engineer, Part time Blogger, I also manage to register a business name, as my own business, manage a web hosting business is not easy, just as part of my life experience; not really do it aggressively yet.

Blogging Life for 2008
I start make money online since middle of 2007 from my 1st online income at Adbux, earn money from my blog is part of my achievement for year 2008, I have achieve RM1000 per month before in few month, but still unable maintain monthly RM1000 per month… some time more, some time less, still consider fail for this mission. If talking on traffic, also same with my online income; my target traffic for year 2008 was 1000 hits per days, I manage to hit over 1000++ in few days time, but still average about 700 to 800 hits only at the moment.

During 2008, few text link buyer contact me directly and interested to purchase text link from me, manage to deal with them with a good price; other then this, also have advertiser offer me a $500 per review on their product before. All this consider greatest achievement for blogging life at 2008.

What should I archive at Year 2009 ?

em… Any suggestion?

Photography at 2009
I am aiming to get a flash gun soon, may be Nikon SB-900, other then this might be get a better quality lens, budget around RM6k, and get more outing and improve my photography skill, ***without using photo editing software***

New DLSR holder born every days, but Real Photographer missing every days

In my opinion, as I always mention “throw a stone to a group of people, sure hit a DLSR holder“, every own afford to own a DLSR, even a kids also own one, but non of them snap a real photo. All are slave of Photo Editing software.

I am very admire those old photography technique which using film, they capable to snap a wonderful picture without doing much editing, and now a days, all this photographer missing one by one every days πŸ™

I wish I able to reborn those real photography spirit at year 2009.

My Career at 2009
Getting more and more knowledge is one of my target for this year. Wish I have opportunities to learn more deep in most of the networking product such as Cisco, HP Procurve, 3Com and also into Server side plus operating system which I did not have oppurtunities to learn it at Year 2008. Salary wise, sure wish to get better paid πŸ˜€

Blogging Life for 2009
Other then share my valuable knowledge about IT Engineer Life at my blog, another motivation for me to blog all is about make money online via my blog. Make more then RM1000 per month I don’t think is an issue for me, to get higher archivement, I set my taget to be RM2500-RM3000 per month.

If you asking me wether plan to quit my daily job if I able to make such income, I will said not at the moment. Because without my daily job, I have no idea what to blog. I still passion to my career in IT πŸ˜›

Well, New Year just begin, what your wish?