3 days training is very fast !!!

I was attend Siemon training for the pass few days, at Northen Hotel Penang. Having hotel food for the continues 3 days, yuck~

On this training, I have learn some new technology and also hand on, practical training on cable termination process.

In this training, the trainer Mr. Andy, from s’pore show us how to terminate Category 5e, Category 6, Category6A, Category7A and also multimode Fiber Optic cable.

For Cat 5e I already hand on before during the project at perlis 3 month ago and also the Wawasan University patch panel, On fiber optic, I also show the fiber optic termination process last year.

Here Mr.Andy show use his tools kits, the pricing cost about few thousand per set

This is the Cat6 cable faceplate, the gap between the connector is to avoid the signal interference.

Cat6 face plate

For the below picture, show the different direction of the connector, this is design for those cable come from different direction and avoid bending. So please don’t simply bend your cable at office or home.

fiber to desk face plate

This is fiber to desk face plate, so far at local (Malaysia), less people using this, due to the cost of fiber optic are very high. Mostly will see this face plate at foreigner country

I forgot what is this call, this is the box to store UTP cable, which same functionality with face plate, just the installation are in different location 😛

The most valuable knowledge from this training is to learn how to terminate Cat6a cable and Cat7a cable… more easy then i expected. Below are some introduction from siemon sales engineer about Cat6a and Cat7a… Should pay a view on how this cable works for…

How category 6A F/UTP can be better than UTP

Why use category 7A for enterprise networks?

Other then this 2 video, if you wish to see more interesting video on how those Network engineer terminate the cable, stay tune, I will post up the full video on how to terminate

  • Category 5e cable
  • Category 6 cable
  • Category 6A cable
  • Category 7A cable
  • Fiber Optic Cable