Social Selling is a new verb, by using social media to interact directly with your prospects, customers, and other influencers with the goal of providing value, demonstrating leadership and building relationships. Let me share you the 8 step you need for your social selling strategies.

social selling strategies

8 Steps to Effective Social Selling Strategies

1. Update your profiles
Did you know that according to the research, 81% of potential buyers are more likely to interact with a well establish professional brand? It’s critical that your social profiles are up to date and authentically written with your customers in mind. Showcase your real passions and talents! Updating your LinkedIn profile is a great place to start. (Welcome to connect with me via LinkedIn)

Pro Tips: Apart from LinkedIn profile, company fan page, google my business is another few you need to focus. Best is claim your brand in multiple social media. Create an online presence in all type of social media channel.

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2. Clean up your network
Fill your social networks with important decision-makers, influencers, and colleagues in your professional world. Connect with those you know and follow those that you want to know. These connections make it easier to build new relationships and demonstrate your value.

Pro tips: Some might have multiple career, for example “an engineer at morning, singer at night”, I would suggest you segregate your profile.

3. Monitor your networks
Begin a regular cadence of monitoring your social networks for insights and engagement opportunities. Scan your newsfeeds in LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram for conversations that interest you. Remember, you usually don’t need permission to follow, listen, and learn from others.

4. Engage
Like, comment, and share generously but with meaning and purpose. The more interest you show in others, the more they’ll view your profile, read your posts, and engage back. This is a great way to build proximity and trust.

Pro tips: Share relevant news that you think it benefit to your networks, re-share/re-tweet other’s post is also another good approach. You might interested to find out my 12 social media content strategies in my Social Media Marketing Course.

5. Share your voice
When you share great content that matters to you and your networks, it works to build your reputation, credibility, and visibility. Consider the topics you want to be known for and the topics your followers care about. Whether you’re sharing other people’s content or creating your own, personalize every post to make it authentically you. For example, top up with your own thought, get your audience to share their thought as well. Such engagement will definitely helps on your social selling strategies.

6. Listen and learn
Determine your cadence for weekly listening, engaging and sharing. Listening will naturally lead to engaging, which leads to ideas for your next post. Determine your best sources of content (for example: industry experts, news outlets, your corporate social channels) and schedule your content sharing at regular intervals.

Pro tips: Listen to your competitor, eventually you can model some of their success move.

7. Take action
Leverage what you learn in social media for stronger, more informed engagement on all communication channels. What you learn might lead to ideas for original posts or videos. Prioritize the channels you use based on your customers’ preferences.

8. Reap the benefits!
It’s a simple equation: Engage authentically, and your networks will grow, relationships will deepen, and you will be seen as an expert and an influencer!

Hope this 8 effective step to social selling strategies bring you success on your social media marketing.