In this B2B marketing funnel sharing, I am going to share with you several videos from Krista Neher about how to create a simple yet highly effective funnel that can be used to generate leads and sales for your business. (I have also blogged several topics such as Why Funnel Design Is Important? and Important Of Sales Funnel)

Create a Lead Magnet Lead magnets are the TOP of the Marketing Funnel! Lead magnets are a great resource for lead generation. They engage your audience and help you generate leads.

For example, a lead magnet might be a free PDF guide, white paper, or a checklist for how to manage your business. The lead magnet is just a small part of your lead generation strategy, but it is essential. You will learn more funnel strategies from below’s video.

B2B Marketing Funnel

What is B2B Marketing Funnel?

The B2B Marketing Funnel is the roadmap to a successful sales pitch. It shows you what your prospects and customers are thinking and doing as they move through the decision-making process that leads them to purchase your product or service.

In addition, it gives you a powerful tool for creating marketing messages that are guaranteed to resonate with your prospects and customers. The first step is to understand your prospect’s decision-making process.

Here we have 5 major topic to guide you on B2B Marketing Funnel:

  1. Connecting with Buyers Throughout the Journey
  2. Connecting Sales and Marketing
  3. Building a B2B Marketing Funnel
  4. Filling your funnel with webinars and events
  5. Productivity Pro Tips

Connecting with Buyers Throughout the Journey

Do you have a simple strategy based on your buyer journey? The B2B marketing buyer journey has multiple touch points. It is important to remember that B2B buying is a process; decisions don’t happen in isolation. Being in front of decision makers at the right times with the right messages is vital to your success.

Having a clear understanding of the stages of the buyer journey and how to influence them is key to creating a growing and scalable business. It starts with understanding your buyers and where they spend their time. Next, you’ll map out a plan that connects with buyers across their journey. This involves multiple touch points and channels.

In below video, you’ll discover:

  • The stages of the buyer journey
  • Researching your buyers and their interests
  • How to create a plan that touches each stage of the journey
  • Crafting your marketing strategy and approach
  • Considering multiple stages of the journey across touch points

Connecting Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing should work together and complement each other. While they are each separate discipline, the best results happen when they are integrated. Marketing can speed up sales teams by building awareness, nurturing opportunities and even driving leads and conversions. A strong plan integrates sales and marketing for the best results.

This session will show you how and why integration of sales and marketing will grow your results faster. As you scale and grow your business, these complementary engines will propel your success. You’ll discover exactly how to connect the dots between sales and marketing to have both working in the same direction, growing your business.

In below video, you’ll learn:

  • How sales and marketing can work together to grow results
  • Connecting sales and marketing through the buyer journey
  • How to use sales insights to build your marketing content plan
  • Super-charging your sales team with marketing
  • How to build touch points and channels that connect with your buyers


Building a B2B Marketing Funnel

The B2B Marketing Funnel is about using inbound marketing to connect with and nurture buyers throughout their journey. It is one of the most effective ways to reach and convert B2B buyers. A strong funnel gives you the opportunity to scale and grow your business with predictable lead flow.

In order to get results, it must be well executed. A strong funnel connects various stages of the marketing funnel together to maximize results. This means using multiple channels and tools to attract, nurture and convert prospects into customers. Plus integrating your sales team into the process can maximize your results even more.

In below video, you’ll learn:

  • What a marketing funnel is and why you need one
  • How to create a marketing funnel
  • Channels to use at each stage of your funnel
  • Pro-tips to maximize your effectiveness
  • How to connect your sales team to your funnel

Filling your funnel with webinars and events

Webinars and events can be powerful tools to connect with prospects, nurture them and drive them to convert. They build your awareness in the community, position you as an expert and fill your funnel.

This webinar will show you exactly how to use webinars and events as a marketing strategy. You’ll get actionable pro-tips for everything from creation to promotion to post-event follow-up. If you are ready to use this powerful tactic for growth, don’t miss this training.

During this video, you’ll learn:

  • How events and webinars fit into your marketing strategy
  • How to create a successful event
  • Promoting your event (20+ ideas)
  • Closing and selling during the event
  • Post-event follow-up and conversion

Productivity Pro Tips

Do you ever feel like you have so much to do and not enough time? Digital marketing and social media require unique skills in terms of being able to multi-task, manage deadlines, deal with interruptions and use deep-thinking to grow results. It isn’t easy.

Productivity management isn’t about multi-tasking. It is about changing the way you approach your work to maximize your results. It is about investing in time saving habits, tools and technologies to get more done more efficiently.

Below video will cover:

  • Pro-tips to grow your productivity
  • How to approach your work to get more done in less time
  • Prioritizing how you approach tasks
  • Tools to get more done
  • Maintaining balance and reducing stress