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Electronic payment methods

Smart cards A smart card is similar to a magnetic stripe card but contains a microprocessor chip. The first smart cards were prepaid telephone cards, which operated on stored prepaid values. They have moved on from this to be used for things such as library cards, credit cards, student cards, and electronic purses. Today, there […]

Innovations in Payment Cards

The rise in e-commerce transactions and innovations in payment methods mean that faster, more secure, and more convenient payment options are available to the consumer and retailer. For example, proximity payment methods such as radio frequency identification (RFID) are ideal in merchant locations where speed is essential. Payment information is sent from the consumer’s smart […]

Ebay Song

Last 2 week, I attend MIRC ICT Seminar, which talk about “Develop Your Online Business“, once of the topic is about “how to start your online business at Ebay” This Ebay talk are almost similar with the previous MIRC ICT, and the same good deal they offer, Free Ebay Consultation, just have some update on […]

Complimentary Ebay Consultation

Back to my previous post on MIRC ICT week, I have gain some valuable info about getting free consultation on Ebay… I did not get this flyer actually, but my friend Legend Chew who have this flyer in the goodies bag. Thank to Legend who scan this info and mail it to me! When talking […]

Online Purchasing (Season 1)

2days ago(thursday) once of my friend want to buy some IT gadget online, but he don’t have May Bank account for transaction, so ask me to help him contact the seller & make payment thought my May Bank account( I browse thought the online store and found few interesting gatget, one is Hand Pressing Flash […]

USD Depreciation

Did USD depreciate is a good news to us? Since the US Dollar are the internation tradding currency, the depreciation bring good and bad to us, some of the business man will feel good for them, because they can pay cheaper for the product. Advantage for Business Man Let say Malaysia Ringgit, last time malaysian […]