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How create can a Pencil Be?

I have been invited by one of my friend, Jackson Teoh, whom is a student for Inti College to join this project. End up I does not contribute much on it, but without much late, I wish to introduce this short firm on how our team has manage to create a creativity on “PENCIL” which […]

Kanye West the R&B and Hip Hop Artist

Kanye West, every household well-known foul man nowadays. Despite the bad news been surrounding around him recently with Taylor Swift, he is actually a talented celebrity .Let start with west’s family background. Kanye West came from a divorce family. His father was a photojournalist while his mother was a professor of English. Both of his […]

Ebay Song

Last 2 week, I attend MIRC ICT Seminar, which talk about “Develop Your Online Business“, once of the topic is about “how to start your online business at Ebay” This Ebay talk are almost similar with the previous MIRC ICT, and the same good deal they offer, Free Ebay Consultation, just have some update on […]

Sexy Bikini News Reporter

Every day we open TV to watch news, we will saw a handsome or pretty reporter announcing some happening around us. Do the reporter attract you? I saw before a forward mail contain NUDE reporter who having news report, if not mistaken are from JAPAN. Here I found a great place to “wash our EYE”, […]