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eUsahawan course in Penang

Earlier I had participate eUsahawan course in Penang, my main objective is to observe how this course been conduct because I been selected by MDEC to participate eUsahawan train the trainer course. After gone through Level 1 and Level 2 training and completed the exam, finally I am eUsahawan certified trainer, my trainer code is […]


The CEO Parking Rate

When you visiting The CEO, Lebuh Nipah 7, Bukit Jambul, 11900, Penang, you may park inside the building indoor multistory car park. The operation hour for The CEO car park is 7.30am to 10.30pm. The parking rate is Monday to Friday, RM0.70 for every half hour, Saturday and Sunday, RM2.00 per entry If you lost of parking […]


Bay Avenue Parking Rate

Bay Avenue is a commercial area where Pejabat KWSP Bayan Baru located, as well as some nice lounge and bar like The Bricks Bay Avenue, Berlin’s Bier Houz, and Vino Vino Bistro If you visiting Bay Avenue, Bayan Lepas, and you looking to know the car parking rate, kindly refer below. Update as at 26 […]


Benelli TNT 135 Fuel Consumption

After 1 month plus riding my Benelli TNT135 , I manage to track some record on it’s fuel consumption. During 1st day I carry the bike, 1st thing to do is ride to petrol station. I fill up RON95 for 6.5 Liter (By default TNT135 had 7.2Liter capacity), meaning that the dealer fill up about 800 ML+ […]


My 1st Naked Bike Benelli TNT 135

There is many type of motorbike around the word, and the most common type in Malaysia is underbone or so call ‘kapchai’ in local language. Underbone After I graduate from secondary school, my parent bought me an underbone (Model’s Kriss) from Modenas and I am riding it since 2001 until now. Kriss is always my […]

Windows OEM or ROK Downgrade Issue

When talking about Windows downgrade (Assume Windows Server), few issue you require to take concern. Some vendor will propose you Windows Server ROK (Reseller Option Kits), in short, ROK is another type of OEM edition; while some vendor will advice you for Windows open license which cost you higher compare to ROK. In Microsoft licensing point of view, you […]

Get Facebook Likes for FREE

Some of the facebook fan page owner struggle to get more like at their facebook fan page, so am I too. There are few alternative way to get more facebook likes by paying or getting facebook likes for free.  vs  Buying Facebook likes by paying the service is much more faster, you may buy facebook likes in website like […]

How to File a complaint in NCCC

I had file a complaint in National Consumer Complaints Center (NCCC) lately for the unfair services offer by fitness center in Penang. NCCC is a non government organization (NGO) , their vision is to develop a independent mechanism  for consumer with the ability to solve problems in a fair, simple and efficient mediation system, and their mission is function as intermediaries between the government bodies, […]