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My 1st Naked Bike Benelli TNT 135

There is many type of motorbike around the word, and the most common type in Malaysia is underbone or so call ‘kapchai’ in local language. Underbone After I graduate from secondary school, my parent bought me an underbone (Model’s Kriss) from Modenas and I am riding it since 2001 until now. Kriss is always my […]

Windows OEM or ROK Downgrade Issue

When talking about Windows downgrade (Assume Windows Server), few issue you require to take concern. Some vendor will propose you Windows Server ROK (Reseller Option Kits), in short, ROK is another type of OEM edition; while some vendor will advice you for Windows open license which cost you higher compare to ROK. In Microsoft licensing point of view, you […]

Get Facebook Likes for FREE

Some of the facebook fan page owner struggle to get more like at their facebook fan page, so am I too. There are few alternative way to get more facebook likes by paying or getting facebook likes for free.  vs  Buying Facebook likes by paying the service is much more faster, you may buy facebook likes in website like […]

How to File a complaint in NCCC

I had file a complaint in National Consumer Complaints Center (NCCC) lately for the unfair services offer by fitness center in Penang. NCCC is a non government organization (NGO) , their vision is to develop a independent mechanism  for consumer with the ability to solve problems in a fair, simple and efficient mediation system, and their mission is function as intermediaries between the government bodies, […]

Dessert Review at Black Ball Pulau Tikus

BlackBall started the business at 2006 and also the biggest dessert food chain in taipei. 14 Bloggers are invited for dessert review at one of the Blackball outlet located in Pulau Tikus, Penang. For my self, the deep impression for me is “Pearl Milk Tea” which is the favorite drink for teenager. Other then milk tea, […]

Addicted to air-conditioning? Fret not! You can still continue to enjoy the cool refuge, albeit more responsibly. Our government suggests restricting room temperature to 24°C, which is currently enforced in all government buildings to raise energy-efficiency standards. The next time you turn on the AC, keep the temperature high to lower the emissions and it […]

How to create strongest passwords

To create the strongest passwords possible, choosing a secure password that’s easy for you to memories but difficult for other people to guess can be trickier than you think. One solution is to use the PC Tools Secure Password Generator ( to create random passwords for you. This free online tool lets you specify your […]

Pulau Payar Marine Park

We are invited to visit Pulau Payar Marine Park by Langkawi Saga Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd We reach Swettenham Pier before 7.30am, gather all our member (6 blogger, Ray, Kean Hooi, Kelvin Tan, Wai Hoe, Sherming and me) and on board at nearly 8am. The ferry depart at 8.30am, so far that morning is not […]