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History of wireless networks

Wireless networks are communication that is done without the use of cables. Its use dates back several centuries. In the 1820’s, Hans Christian Oersted and Andre-Marie Ampere discovered electromagnetism, which is a manifestation of both the electric and magnetic fields. Then, in 1832, Joseph Henry and Samuel F.B. Morse had demonstrated how electrical telegraphy works, […]

New Digi Broadband Service

Digi recently launch their new digi broadband service at 19th March 2009 which using HSPA technology (High Speed Package Access) Digi do have wireless broadband service year ago, the old digi broadband service with using EDGE technology (Enhance Data rate for GSM Evolution), this technology come before 3G service available at Malaysia. Since they are […]

Wireless Broadband [Installation]

Back to the Wireless Broadband Preparation, that I posted few week back, here some update during the wireless broadband installation. As mention earlier, after I have prepare those power adapter, Power Over Ethernet Injector, and label all the access point nicely, and my colleague send all the boxes to our client side, It is much […]

Wireless Broadband [Preparation]

At last, come some job that I wish, wireless broadband installation on tanjong bungah beach hotel. This project suppose to be start on September, but due to a lot delay from other non related job, now only started, and the time frame is very short, kinda rush & I have to fully live the wireless […]

Random Wifi Detect

Few days back while I follow my colleague went to upper penang road for some troubleshooting. I have do some random wifi detect over my laptop, and guess what, I detect my ex-company wifi, the signal from so far still able to detect. Still have 1 to 2 bar if signal, and manage to connected, […]

Life on Linksys 4400N Access Point

IT Engineer Life on Linksys 4400N Access Point Ops, another 2 parcel receive at my table, according to sales department, one is linksys 4400N access point, and another is linksys switch, which need to configure and install at client house. The switch is a manageable switch, but I’m not require to configure it, the customer […]

Poor Man Wifi (II)

Very long time go, I have make a post before regarding Poor Man Wifi, which use some cheap halker tools such as parabolic cookware, to build this device. This article is once my my favorite post, make my blog flow around the world, and gain million of traffic to my blog. Not long ago, I […]

Powerful Wifi Receiver

Quite some time ago, during my x-company Wifi Installation, the vendor has introduce us a strong& powerful Wifi receiver, Senao Engenius wireless receiver which is a long range USB wifi adapter. According to them, this product can detect distance 3 time far away then normal wifi receiver. I am not believe at that time. Last […]

Wifi Treasure Hunt

I play before treasure hunt quite long time ago, if not mistaken during secondary school time. Is quite fun with looking for some thing with a team of people. Recently my friend inform me a event organize by, a government portal which organize WIFI Treasure Hunt. This is the 1st time I heard WIFI […]