IT Engineer Life on Linksys 4400N Access Point

Ops, another 2 parcel receive at my table, according to sales department, one is linksys 4400N access point, and another is linksys switch, which need to configure and install at client house.

The switch is a manageable switch, but I’m not require to configure it, the customer just plug and play, which is home use only (Customer are rich to buy expensive switch for home use)

For this Linksys 4400N Access point, due to the customer house are very big, the wifi signal coverage require very huge, that why they require to use 802.11n Access Point.

For this N protocol, it is same as for previous version 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g, but it add another new function which is Multiple Input and Multiple Output (MIMO), and the coverage are double wider.

IT Engineer Experience:
I have personally tested and experience this Linksys 4400N access point. I place this access point at my house’s sitting room, and my house located at 5th floor.

There are no issue for me to access my house Wifi signal while I sitting at ground floor. It still have 1 to 2 bar signal, as my windows’s wifi status shows.

This Linksys 4400N access point capable for POE (Power over Ethernet), which mean the power are transmit over Ethernet/ UTP cable. In the box, it contain a UTP cable, power adapter and also a stand holder.

This Linksys 4400N access point contain 3 antenna. which the antenna able to point in different direct as show below.

The stand holder can be install at the access point, and able to make the access point standing with more stable position.

Ops… How was the pricing for this Linksys 4400N Access Point? This should be the interesting thing to know. The price range from RM600(Approximate $190) more or less, you might able to get a lesser if you able to buy from linksys’sdistributor. 🙂

More information you can search from Linksys Malaysia, Linksys is a division of Cisco System.

FYI, as you know Cisco is the top networking product company in the world, and