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Migration of Permalink at

Worry loss traffic from Search Engine after change the permalink structure? Here my experience and solution… Since I start to blog, my blogging platform (WordPress) are install in which is a subdomain. Any one who access will be redirect to (subdomain) After few month hardwork on traffic marketing and link building, […]

Read iCalvyn in 13 Language

Now can be read in 13 language, including English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Greek, Dutch, Norwegian, with using wordpress language translator. This is a wordpress language translator plugin which can translate my website in to different language with using 4 big online translator, such as Google Translation Engine, […]

Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress

WTH! Where is all my Traffic?… Oops, is just my mistake to DEACTIVATE the plugin. Previously before I change my theme, I have put the google analytics code in my theme index.php. So there are no problem even I DEACTIVATE the plugin, and I have forgot my New theme without google analytics code. So my […]