To upgrade my IT Engineer‘s Life, I have participate my self on CCNA training pass 2 week which is Cisco Certified Network Associate. Study always cost me some buck, which I need to paid RM1800 for this CCNA course and RM880 for the CCNA exam.

I have take this CCNA course at Penang, the time is quite peak, 9 days to complete the whole study. Actually not 9 days, because the time table have split to half days and full days, total is 6 days course

Not much special for my CCNA class, most of the topic I have already study before during my academic time on “Network Communication” which related to IP address, Subnet mask, OSI layer and some theory. Even for the practical, such as, Category 5e cable, UTP color code, using hyper terminal, telnet and network design, I also have basic knowledge on that. (learn from senior)

On this CCNA course, I manage to learn some basic configuration for Cisco product, which previously I totally do not have any knowledge on those command, only see my senior configure before and I not understand at all.

Now, if my company have the cisco switch arrive, like previous mention on Cisco 2960 switch, I can take the oppurtunities to have real practice without using the Cisco simulation software.

After this 2 week CCNA class, 2 continuous week end, and 5 week days, almost every night 7-10pm, at last, we graduate, and get a certification of study CCNA, this CCNA course at Penang.

Other then a certificate, sure include study material, an original CCNA text book (Sure Original, paid so much already), which will be dump in my store room soon. πŸ˜›

During the class, we have hand on training on the device, but the device is very old, and not up to date, some of the device seen like not working well too.

For this router, we able to insert extra interface into it, the interface below are serial port interface.

We can add in additional interface such as Network Interface Card (NIC) too

This is the serial cable, which 1 end is DCE and 1 end is DTE, connect router to router.

I still manage to get some update Cisco power point presentation from the tutor, so to the Cisco simulation software, and some others useful tools, will update here soon πŸ™‚

If any one from Penang would like to attend CCNA course at Penang or look for study CCNA in Penang, may be can drop me an email at, I may introduce you this academic, might get some special offer for study CCNA in Penang