The SDA Black Belt Learning maps are designed for engineers to stay up to date on the latest technology and solutions from Cisco. This Learning map helps to ensure that the three key engineering functions, namely Pre-Sales, Deployment and Support are able to align to the “Land, Adopt, Expand and Renew” sales motion in Cisco.

For this chapter, we learn Cisco DNA Basics, Key Benefits Basic Concept Roles & Terminology Platforms Fabric Basics Controller Fundamentals – DNA Center dCloud Demo (optional), a video for “Cisco SD Access – A look under the Hood” and a PDF file for Cisco dCloud Demo. You may access via this link directly

After finish both, we proceed to Black Belt Program SDA Pre-Sales Stage 1 Quiz, 20 questions for the quiz reference as below:

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After you complete the SDA Pre-sales stage 1 quiz, you will obtain a certificate of completion as below:

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Update: Cisco blackbelt Collaboration Pre-Sales Stage 1 Quiz (2021)