As my previous post mention on my CCNA course, the tutor share with us a cisco simulation software which name Packet Tracer.

Packet Tracer 5.0

Packer Tracer is a cisco simulation software for cisco product, it contain a lot different kind of cisco product, such as router and switches, which is for simulation use. This cisco simulation software is a very good tools for cisco learner, which to simulate configuration of cisco product.

Packet Tracer 5.0

In this cisco simulation software, I able to drag and drop different kind of router, switch, workstation, and use different kind of connecting medium, design my own network, and configure the router and switches.

After the configuration, I able to test the network design and my configuration on the router, by ping or send a packet of data from source to destination. If the simulator show fail, that mean my configuration are wrong and need to debug.

When I double click into the router, the cisco simulation software will show me my router image, I able to add in additional network interface in this particular model, such as serial port.

There are list of interface that I able to put in, I have select WIC-2T, and drag the below serial interface to my router. 1 important special function for his cisco simulation software, if the router without switch off the power, the interface are not able to install, you require to power off the router before drag the interface to the router.

While in the CLI section, this section is totally same as we using hyper terminal or telnet to access the router. I can configure the router via this command line.

In this cisco simulation software, you can simulate various of router and switches, as below



WAN Emulation:

Connection Medium:

I am still very new to this cisco simulation software. During the class, the tutor give us Packet Tracer version 4.11, for practice, and when the last day of the class, the tutor found the latest cisco simulation software which is Packet Tracer 5.0. Below are the version 4.11 screen shoot.

With the latest Packet Tracer 5.0, there are additional few device which the version 4.11 did not have, such as Cisco Catalyst 3560, which able to Rate limiting” and “Advanced quality of service“(QOS), best of VoIP / IP phone environment.

According to my boss, I might have a chances to touch on this Cisco Catalyst 3560 soon. If you guys need this cisco simulation software, stick to the old rules! Kindly sign up my feed/ News Letter, follow the give and take rules and I will send you the download link with the email you sign up 🙂

The simulation software approximate size:

Packet Tracer 5.0 about 26MB | Packet Tracer 4.11 about 29MB