Daftar Kursus Eusahawan Tahap 1 Go Digital

Mdec is organize kursus eusahawan (e-entrepreneurs course) for those SME who wish to bring their business online. This program also encourage individual to do small business online such as ecommerce as well, involve in digital entrepreneurship using digital platform.

The course come with 2 type, one is online and one is offline. You may register at eusahawan mdec, and attend their online course. Just require to finish all the online courses, you can download your kursus eusahawan digital certificate at the end.

Meanwhile, you also can earn extra point from your study and exchange for good rewards… find out more your self.

About week ago, I receive an SMS invitation from MDEC, invite me to join their offline courses kursus eusahawan at kolej community seberang perai. Is a day course, and usually 20 participate. After finish the course, another certificate provided.

During the class, topic such as facebook for business, instagram for business, whatsapp marketing is covered and the course is totally FREE.

If you wish to involve your self in digital entrepreneurship, do explore more for Kursus Eusahawan.

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