Mdec is organizing kursus eusahawan (e-entrepreneurs course digital entrepreneurship course) for those SME who wish to bring their business online. This program also encourages individuals to start small business online such e-commerce as well, involvement in digital entrepreneurship using the digital platform.

Sijil Kursus eUsahawan

The course comes with 2 types, one is online, and one is offline. You may register at for attending their online course or pre-register the offline course here:, For an online course, Just require finishing all the online courses, you can download your kursus eusahawan digital certificate such as below:

Sijil Kursus eUsahawan

Meanwhile, you also can earn extra point from your study and exchange for wonderful rewards… find out more your self at

About a week ago, I receive an SMS invitation from MDEC, invite me to join their offline courses kursus eusahawan at Kolej Komuniti Seberang Perai. Is 1 day course, and usually 20-40 participant. When I reach the Kolej Komuniti (College community), I am surprised that the Kolej is open in a commercial shop lot.

Kolej Komunity Seberang Jaya

During the class, the trainer cover topic such as Facebook for business, Instagram for business, WhatsApp marketing, and the course is FREE, fully funded by MDEC. After finishing the course, another certificate provided by the Kolej Komuniti. What a fruitful day!

Sijil Penyertaan Kursus eUsahawan

Update: If you wish to attend this FREE digital marketing course, become a digital entrepreneurship, do explore for pre-registration, prior from Aug 2018, I am a certified eUsahawan trainer, I conduct eUsahawan in Penang, a lot of my participant brings back fruitful knowledge after my eUsahawan course and leave a wonderful review and feedback.