Normally when I receive forward email, within the email, it contains a lot email address, from who the email send from, send to how many person, and from whom again send to us. All the email at carbon copy (cc) is display from the forward email.

A lot people collect all this email address, as I know, few of my friend are doing this, including me. The purpose we doing this is to collect other people email contact, a method to get your friend’s friend contact too, just for email marketing purpose.

But some time when we do email marketing like this, a lot people just seem our email as spam, and not so effective. The most effective way is to let the user or your website visitor to subscribe their news letter, with their willingness, the news letter you send to them are more effective.

Once you get more and more subscriber, you require a good email marketing software to handle all your email campaign. With using the email marketing software, you able to store, manage and analyst your email marketing activity, such as auto respond, control the speed and time to run your email marketing campaign and track the receiver respond.

In order to run a good email marketing campaign, you might need to had knowledge about how to configure the right SPF, DKIM, DMARC and etc, apart from this, you require email marketing software as mention above for better in-boxing rate, checkout “Email Marketing Solution for Small Business” or you if you are more technical, you might need SMTP relay services for sending bulk email. checkout “List of FREE SMTP Relay Service“.