Back to 1 year and 8 month ago, when I moving from IT Officer to IT Enginner. I really get a lot expose from my current company.

While time goes by, less and less IT related job at my company, and only task for me is collecting cheque, send document, send product to customer, (Engineer salary, office boy job, that why I always said “Higest Salary Office boy“) and I totally feel wasted my talent at this current position, as mention on IT Engineer lost path half year ago, and I really have the intention to resign, but at that moment, already year end, not much opportunities out there too, also try to wait for bonus,Β  so I force to keep the “resignation” idea 1st.

Decided to quit the current job!

resignation letter

Haha, I still unable to become full time blogger, since I am blog Life expericence, without aΒ  job, I have nothing to share with you guys! so I am not sure my current decision is right or wrong, just taking risk to try my future, since the current position unable to satisfy what I need, and the new offer are better then current.

Anyway, I need to thank my boss and my fellow colleague. I really have enjoyable moment at Trident SR Sdn Bhd πŸ˜€

Motorola, here I come!
contract base job

Current offer is contract base from recruitment agency, 1 year, and the employer said is renewable! A lot friend who have experience said not to believe them, they might kick you out halfway or may be not to renew after 1 year.
Salary offer are a lot higher then my current salary, I afford to buy a car at the moment, may be Honda City, but still I decide not to, since I am not that needs, and still feel that riding 2 wheel sport car still a lot benefit compare to 4 wheel.

Oh ya, as per mention above, I will be station at Motorola, and the position will be “Engineer“. During Interview, the person (my future superior) mention that my task will be in R&D, setup those telecommunication system such as our telco use. For example, those telecommunication company like Digi, Celcom, and “Maxshit” will be Motorola’s client, Motorola will setup those telecommunication system to those telco.

With the huge telecommunication system, there are a lot different type of server, including windows base OS, linux base OS, Sun Microsystem, and a lot more server, and this really attracted me.

Hopefully what they told me is real, and soon, if I manage to learn more on this type of system, I can blog more at here. “ IT Engineer Life Blog

What if I halfway jobless? or after 1 year later? Haha, I really can’t imagine. What your suggestion if I really that bad luck?