I was planning to get an external Hard disk drive few month ago, but not that urgent, so waiting for the gadget price to be drop 😛 Until last PC fair, I was planning to get one, and after some survey, found that samsung 500GB selling at RM305, Hitachi Simple Drive Mini 500GB selling at RM320.

hitachi harddisk

During the survey, meet my ex-colleague, which last time my ex-company is a distributor for IT gadget. They said can offer cheaper price for me after PC fair. Unfortunately, lack of stock after PC fair, and delay for 2 week to get my Hitachi SImple Drive Mini 500GB at RM305, also, the worst thing is without pouch! So seem like does not have much cheaper compare to PC fair.

hitachi hard drive

I never use before portable hard disk, only use before 2.5″ laptop hard drive with external case, so call external hard disk. As my understanding, portable hard disk is better then external hard disk because the case is design for the hard drive, compatibility is there, it installed in the factory and the hard drive unable dismantle easily. While external hard drive, I always see a lot people having casing issue, either sensitive, or the case spoil easily.

hitachi hard drive

Usually portable hard drive will have very cool design, similar to the Seagate Free Agent Go that I review few year back 😀 for Hitachi Simple Drive Mini, the back side, 2 LED will be blinking while the data transfers.

Best thing for Portable Drive
As per my experience on External hard drive, usually after safely remove the hard drive, the drive is still spinning until we plug out the USB cable, usually we will heard some force shutdown spinning sound for the hard drive. While Portable Hard drive like Hitachi Simple Drive Mini are different, once safely remove hard drive, the spinning will be slowly stop, once you feel the spinning is stop, you can plug out the hard drive any time.

In my opinion
The spinning automatic stop at portable hard drive is better then force stop at external hard drive. I believe the life time for the hard drive will be longer.

Additional Information:
I have check the HDD properties, it show the disk space is not really 500GB, if you encounter this problem, don go to sue them, is not the manufacture error, check on how to calculate Hard Drive Space here.