Most of the company are using original ink cartridges, like the HP Original Reward I mention earlier on, also one of their business strategy to maintain their customer. Customer buy more ink cartridges, collect more point, can exchange free gift kfc voucher, and also starbuck coupon I exchange before.

I do compare before some re-manufacture ink cartridges and the original ink cartridges; they do have much different in price, can save about 40% to 50% and up to 75% if using the re-manufacture ink cartridges. To look for ink cartridges, is once of the famous Ink cartridge online shop, they sold a very low price for ink cartridge, and also free delivery for local customer (United Kingdom).

Seriously, some of the printer company sold printer in the cheap price, but when come to purchase ink cartridge will broke your wallet, especially a brand name Lexmark.

As an IT Engineer, I also meet few ink cartridges re-manufacturer before, some of their re-manufacture ink cartridges get approve by ISO (International Standard Organization), they having a good deal, example buy ink cartridges from them, they will free printer to use, any failure at the printer, they offer replace for free, as long commit quantity of ink cartridge.

My current company usage of printer ink is not high, we use about 1 printer toner every 2 month. Imagine if a MNC company who own 100 printer and use 1 ink cartridge each week, they are using 400 ink cartridges per month, how much does they spend just only for Ink cartridge.

If using re-manufacture ink cartridge, lets assume 50% save cost, that mean they buy 400 ink cartridge, and paid 200 price only. To save cost on Ink Cartridge, is once of the alternative to expensive Ink Cartridges.