We was fully equips our self and prepare for the Wifi Treasure Hunt, but after this event, what I can said is totally SUCKNo standardChildishNon Sense… and Out of topic… , a bit feel cheated by the organizer.

We are the First, but not Winner
We are FIFO team that day(First In First Out)… Why FIFO? We are the 1st arrive there early in the morning, but we get team number 2, b’cos team number 1 are reserve to the YB, after the YB, we are the 1st Depart… When thought all the silly process, we also the 1st finish the finishing line, before the ending of the event, we are the 1st leave, b’cos we are damm disappointed.

You all should be very interesting how SUCK or worst is the Malaysia 1st Wifi Treasure Hunt

  1. Organizer tough Malaysian are stupid, the 7 location are given, with full and detail MAP.
  2. Organizer tough Malaysian without knowledge, we arrive the destination, detect the SSID, connected, and browse the website for silly question. no IT related, and damm fcuking easy…
  3. Organizer tough Malaysian are Slow, who ever return before 1.45pm, will get 50 mark, after 2pm, will get 45mark… bla… bla…bla… but 90% of the participant arrive before 1.45pm, so what the use of early arrive… every one get same mark.
  4. Organizer tough Malaysian like to share (4 female share 1 husband) 10 winner only, each winner share 1 prize, the 10th prize is a Cisco Wireless N router, imagine how 4 person share 1 router?
  5. I seen like heard that every one will back without emply hand,but lucky draw only 20 , and the 1st call lucky winner (Cheapest draw) is my team member, a cake~

Well, now is picture time

Every car need to stick a number, too bad, we are not 001, it research for YB already, so we force to take 002

When we going to start,due to we are the 1st, except YB, the organizer ask us to do some action, last check our car… and our team member took out our weapon… Poor Man Wifi

Which attract a lot press come to took picture, I guess tomorrow news should have our face.

We are fully equips our self, even in our car, we have our own AP router and modem to surf Internet, so to power supply for our lappy

My self have 3 set of WIFI adapter, and my friend have 4 set of it, all different brand, PCMCIA, USB… all have, even Poor Man Wifi… but too bad, Heroes come to play ground, not war field.

At last, we arrive, and after some ceremony we have buffet meal…Prize giving… and end the fcuking day.

My 2 cent
Next time if government organize any event, i will think twice before register, waste my time, waste my money, waste my TALENT

For my opinion, I know that foreign country they will do this kind of contest with very challenging Q&A to tested their people, who ever win, government will hire them. Especially HACKER competition.

Government did not know how to grab talented people seriously, Malaysia should use this method to find talented people.