I play before treasure hunt quite long time ago, if not mistaken during secondary school time. Is quite fun with looking for some thing with a team of people.

Recently my friend inform me a event organize by MyBoardband.gov.my, a government portal which organize WIFI Treasure Hunt.

This is the 1st time I heard WIFI Treasure Hunt, may be future have Bluetooth Treasure Hunt too 🙂

Wifi Tresure Hunt

I decided to join this event with my friend, and his team, 4 person maximum for a car, and the registration fees was RM200 . Damm Expensive!

To prepare for this event, we need to prepare our self for some equipment such as laptop, external antenna, map, software and some Poor Man Wifi device. Due to the duration are from morning around 9am to 4pm, so we need to prepare enough battery, and still looking for alternative solution for this.

I will keep you all posted with this event on that day, Hopefully this 2 days my DSLR will arrive and may post some nice pic here.

UPDATE of this WIFI Treasure Hunt Event