As I mention before on the Packat Tracer, a Cisco simulation software, now I would like to share Packet Tracer Video Tutorial, (Tutorial 1 and Tutorial 2) which will guide you through step by step how to start using Packet Tracer, to simulate the cisco product and network design; test around the setting before deploy a real network.

Video Tutorial 1 – What If

On the 1st video tutorial, tutor guide the student how to make a workstation on this simulation software, putting IP address, and connected the workstation with the hub with using straight-through cable. Other then using hub, we can use switch too. After connected the switch/hub with the workstation, it will have green dot, which mean traffic can pass through.

If 1 end green dot (Workstation), 1 end orange dot (only on switch) which mean the switch are using spanning tree protocol, it require some time to change the color to green dot (1 or 2 minute)

Video Tutorial 2 – Visualization

This video tutorial show you how packet tracer can capture the content of packet go through the network. With using capture and forward command, when the packet arrive the 1st switch, open the content of the packet, it will show the content of packet header are. It is very cool information that will let the student know how the packet transmit, and what kind of information that really attach to the header when reach another device.

More information on this Packet Tracer, you can get it on my previously post at Cisco Simulation software. Stay tune, I will have 4 more video tutorial to share, will be come right after 🙂 Happy learning

You may found this packet tracer video tutorial over youtube too, by search “Packet Tracer Tutorial” contribute by

Update: Packet Tracer Video Tutorial Part 2 and Packet Tracer Video Tutorial Part 3 (Final)