Back to month ago, where by I attend my CCNA course, and the CCNA’s tutor provide us a software name “Packet Tracer“, a Cisco simulation software, to learn how to use this software, the CCNA’s tutor also provide use 6 module of Packet Tracer Video tutorial, and I manage to upload 2 module of video tutorial begining of this month. You can get back the video tutorial at Packet Tracer Video Tutorial Part 1.

Video Tutorial 3 – Troubleshooting on Packet Tracer

In this video tutorial, the student are using the wrong cable type to connect between Cisco switch and workstation, the diagram indicated red dot, which mean traffic cannot pass through. The tutor have advice the student how to troubleshoot, by checking on the cable type, to change from cross-over cable to straight-through cable. Problem have been solve after change the cable type. Green dot appear, and the student able to send packet from 1 workstation to another workstation. This is how the Cisco simulation software works.

If 1 end green dot (Workstation), 1 end orange dot (Switch) which mean the switch are using spanning tree protocol, it require some time to change the color to green dot (1 or 2 minute)

Video Tutorial 4 – Using Packet Tracer in Presentation

The tutor show how to use packet tracer to open the interface on the router, do Cisco basic configuration on the router, put the hostname as “myrouter” and also show run (Show all the current configuration)

Router > en
Router # config t
Router(config) # hostname MyRouter
MyRouter(config) # exit
MyRouter # sh run

Soon I will update another 2 more module on packet tracer video tutorial 5, and video tutorial 6. Stay Tune 🙂

Final Video Tutorial Update: Packet Tracer Video Tutorial Part 3