Last year I have taken this exam and completed the ruckus Wired Portfolio (ICX) Sales Engineer Pre-Sales Final Quiz, due to CommScope acquire ruckus, I have to re-cert this training exam. You may also take this certification via CommScope University.

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This latest exam consists of 26 questions. To receive credit, you must pass the quiz with a score of 80% or better. You have a maximum of three attempts to pass. You must pass with a score of 80% or higher to receive credit and your certificate.

Below question can serve as your study guide:

Q: The ICX 7150-48z, supports POE overdrive, is that 15.4?
A: Yes, overdrive is up t 45W over two pairs of car5 wiring

Q: The ICX switch support POE, POE+, POE overdrive, and POH (Which statement is true?)
A: All MutiGig ICX switches have the most complete POE offering, except ICX 7450-32ZP

Q: All ICX 7150 & ICX7250 switches have the option for redundant internal power supply redundancy. (Which statement is true?)
A: No, only the ICX 7150-48ZP can have redundant internal power supplies

Q: The ICX 7450 has optional ports-on-demand (POD) license
A: the ICX 7450 does not require POD licenses

Q: Do ICX switches support encryption?
A: Yes, ICX 7450 support MACsec and hardware module for IPsec

Q: The ICX 7750 is required for campus fabric. (which statement is true?)
A: Yes, the ICX 7750 is the control bridge of the campus fabric

Q: The ICX 7750 switch has the option for 10G stacking. (Which statement is true?)
A: This switch can only stack with up to 12x40G port

Q: All ICX switches support flexible authentication (8.2.1x mac authentication, and web authentication) (which statement is true?)
A: Yes, all ICX switches support FlexAuth.

Q: Any ruckus ICX switch can be deployed in a campus fabric, in stacks, or standalone switches. (which statement is true?)
A: Yes, any ICX switch can be a standalone, stack member, or in a campus fabric.

Q: Can the icx7150-48 z-series support up t 16×2.5g ports?
A: Yes, 16 of the 48 ports support 2.5G

Q: Campus fabric can support over 1,700 access ports? (which statement is true?)
A: Up to more than 1700 access ports

Q: The icx7150 switch can support up to four 10g ports. (which statement is true?)
A: Yes, except the compact model with only two 10G ports

Q: Does any ICX switch have the option for power supply redundancy?
A: Yes, all ICX switch families have at least one model that supports dual power supplies.

Q: ICX switches can support more POE alternatives than competitors including 60w and more.
A: Yes, ICX switches support POE, POE +, POE overdrive and poh. That is, 165.4, 30w, 45w and 90w.

Q: The ICX 7250 switch can support 40g, QSFP+ ports.
A: No, the icx7750 stacks with 10G stackports.

Q: Does the ICX 7150 family provide higher HA with redundant fans and power supplies?
A: Only the ICX 7150-48zp and ICX 7450 support ha and redundant power supplies and fans.

Q: Distributed chassis allows for ICX switches to stack across the campus?
A: Yes, distributed chassis allows for long distance stacking up to 10KM.

Q: The ICX 7150, 7250, 7450 switches have POE/POE+ and non-POE/POE+ models
A: Yes, all access witches have POE and non-POE options.

Q: ICX switches support mass deployment of switch?
A: Yes, via DHCP options.

Q: All ICX 7150 POE switches can run in fanless mode. (which statement is true?)
A: Yes, only selected models.

Q: Ruckus campus fabric allows a customer to manage their campus network as a single device.
A: Allow up to 1700 ports to be managed as one single switch.

Q: The ICX 7250 switch use port-on-demand (POD) license to enable 10G ports
A: Yes, a license is required to enable 10G speeds.

Q: The ICX 7450 can be stacked using either 10G or 40G ports
A: Yes, ICX 7450 has more stacking options.

Q: The ICX 7450 uses an external power supply (EPS) for redundancy.
A: No, it supports redundant power supply

Q: All ICX switches can stack up t 12 units.
A: Yes, all ICX switches stack up to 12 units high.

Q: Can ICX switches can use the uplink ports as stacking port as well?
A: Yes, allows customers more deployment flexibility

After you complete the certificate, you will get a certification, mine as below.

Ruckus Wired Portfolio Certificate

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