I have completed this exam earlier, and if you follow my previous post, because of CommScope has acquire Ruckus, currently all the ruckus certification is fall under CommScope university. Hence I take part in the exam again, to re-certify my Wireless Portfolio Sales Engineer Pre-Sales Training Exam.

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Below is some of the guide you need before you proceed with the exam:

Q1. Which ruckus unleashed AP can be converted so that it is managed by the ruckus cloud or smartzone controllers?
A: Any unleashed AP

Q2. What WLAN control options can support a multi-site enterprise? (Select Two)
A: Smartzone, Ruckus Cloud

Q3. If you need both an indoor and outdoor AP in your netowk, which controller option must you choose?
A: Any controller option, ruckus swings all ways.

Q4. What are the benefits of BeamFlex+?
A: All of the above

Q5. Which wireless controller is appropriate for a customer who wants a physical appliance to manage up to 1000 access points?
A: Smartzone 100

Q6. What Solution is the best fit for a large SP thqt needs a flexible architecture, and deep features?
A: Smartzone

Q7. Which Ruckus Controller option was designed to fit the needs of an SMB with no IT staff?
A: Unleaashed

Q8. Which patented ruckus technology intelligently selects the optimal 2.4/5Ghz channel based on channel capacity prediction models?
A: Channelfly

Wireless Portfolio SE Pre-Sales Training Exam Certificate

Once complete, you will get this Wireless Portfolio SE Pre-Sales Training Exam’s certification straight away.

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