After showing the video of how the termination process of the Tera Category 7 cable, and also some of my IT Engineer LIVE experience on Tera termination.

Just to update the cable specification and functionality.

Category 7a1) Performance to 10Gb/s and beyond, far exceeding all performance requirements for 10GBASE-T.

2) Bandwidth of 1.2 GHz per pair, twice the category 7/class F specifications and the highest of any available copper system.

3) Validated for TEMPEST high-security government applications.

4) Cable sharing – Shielded design and 1-, 2- and 4-pair outlet and plug modularity allow the simultaneous support of multiple applications over a single cable, administered in a single outlet.

Soon, in a short time frame, I still have another life experience to be shown, according to my sales department, they receive a small project on category 7a installation again, will update my IT Engineer Life experience soon 🙂