I bough my candy bar (Nokia 6300 Mobile Phone) almost a year plus, and most of the time, I am using only default theme. Recently I found a special Nokia 6300 theme which related to my IT Engineer’s Life.

WIndows Vista theme for Nokia 6300
This Nokia 6300 theme are very nice which about similar to windows vista. Here the screen shoot on vista theme on Nokia 6300.

I realize that this mobile phone are very common around the society, lot’s of my friend are using nokia 6300 mobile phone. May be is the price are not expensive, and the design are very classic. If you are once of the nokia 6300 holder, may be you will like this vista theme too.

You can download this theme

with this URL


Tips: To access the download link, just change the hxxp to http, and eliminate the * in the link

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