Back to last year October 2007, I have show before a website name MyIPNeighbors, which you can check whom hosted same server with your domain, or how many domain in a server. This year let me introduce another tools which allow you to check who hosted the same server with your domain.

In this website, simply in the your website address or domain name over the “remote address” section and click “check”

It will display all the domain name who hosted in the same server. According to You Get Signal Website, the result are not guarantee.

It use the reverse IP check technology, which check the domain IP address pointed to the particular web server, and find out those domain name with the same IP address via Search Engine Result.

I have try to compare result search via “MyIPNeighbors” and “You Get Signal“, both give me different result, as you can see the “You get signal” show my server have 342 domain share the same server, wheres “MyIPNeighbors” only shows hosted 251 domain in the server.

The result at MyIPNeighbors show 251 domain hosted at server with IP address

I have also make another domain search comparison at a Malaysia Financial Blogger, the search result from both “MyIPNeighbors” and “You Get Signal” also different.

As you can see, You Get Signal show 337 domain hosted same server with, while MyIPNeighbors shows 300 domain only.

At WebHosting point of view, as a ethical web hosing company, they will not hosted too much domain name over a shared server, but some of the unethical web hosting company hosted too many domain name, can up to 1000++ domain in a shared server, it will affect the server performance

Mostly and will hosted up to 1000 user, this is the reason some time when we access and will have slightly slow, but their server is very powerful, they also well maintain on their server, downtime are less too

If you found that your website is very slow to access, or always no display when you access, might be server overload, you should check how many domain name hosted in your server. So irresponsible web hosting company can host up to thousand domain name in 1 share server. Oh ya, lastly, is the URL of this service, you can check who hosted same server with your domain at You Get

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