Yeah yeah… all SEO “Guru” tell you the important of On-Page SEO, and most of them told you back links is important for Off-Page SEO, but how many of them teach you where to build your back links? Some say yes, “Who and who” share some method to create back links, or watch some SEO YouTube channel teach about link building strategies; Yet most of them does not tell you why back links need indexing, the important of indexing back links!

Why Back Links Need Indexing

Why Back Links Need Indexing?

Did you know that you’re probably wasting 50% or more of your link-building time and money? There is a very simple solution to this problem that most SEO gurus keep to themselves!

Most people don’t realize that google doesn’t see the entire web or perhaps not yet seen it; In fact, there is an entire part of the internet called The Deep Web! That earns that name precisely because Google and other search engines don’t know about it!

Where do you think all these fresh links live that you’ve bought are made? Right in the middle of that Deep Web, by just creating a bunch of links isn’t enough to help your rankings, you could have:

  • The highest quality links
  • The best anchor text diversity
  • The most effective drip rate and
  • The best on-page optimization

But if Google doesn’t happen to stumble across all of those links that you’re building, you aren’t getting credit for them and of course if Google doesn’t know about them, your site’s ranking also will not improve!

Important of indexing back links

That’s exactly why we need to index our back links. Indexing services usually make Google find all of your links on a schedule that you determine, the concept is as simple as it can be:

  1. Build your links,
  2. Paste your links into indexing services dashboard,
  3. The indexing service will drip your links out to Google, some allow you to schedule it, as fast as you want,
  4. They will watch to see when Google comes to find your links and
  5. They continually contact Google until all of your links are found!

Indexing services will be that missing piece that can dramatically improve your SEO results, it’s like a magnifying glass that focuses google on all of your link building, it makes the good tactics work even better and quickly exposes any bad tactics you may be using!

Now you know why back links need indexing and the important of indexing services? Don’t waste time and money to build links that are never found! Your Off-Pages SEO is wasted without proper indexing of your back links. Apart from using indexing services, one of the indexing method is using ping method, I have also mentioned in my previous post “Have your website been indexed?

What you waiting for? What you supposed to do next is to gather the list of link where you build your back link, submit into indexing services of use ping method to ping them, let search engine know your back links is existed!

I will share some link indexing services here later on, do bookmark this page and come back later 🙂