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Ubuntu (Season 2)

2 Week to Delivered Back to my previous post at: Ubuntu (Season 1) at 23rd MAY 2007, i have apply the free CD on Ubuntu website, then it say 10 week to deliver, but yesterday night when i back home, i saw a packet put at my table. It took only 2 week to arrive. […]

mxdomainmgr.exe (solution)

Back to my previous post: Your PC Performance, I have mention that my company server CPU Usage are very high, yesterday early morning, is still mid night 3am, the duty manager called me and told me that the server after reboot, the application still cannot run. IT Officer no life I on phone support for […]

Your PC Performance

Already 2 night i did not sleep well, my company server have some minor issue and unstable since Friday night. I need to dail-in there to monitor on the server status. My server act weird since friday night, the network are slow, the application on workstation are running slow while transaction. When Saturday morning, everything […]

Foxit PDF Reader

Normally when we want to open a PDF file, we are looking for Adobe Arobat Reader. It will be a problem for a fresh PC, example a after format PC. I always face a problem after i format a PC, User may complain cant open PDF file, then i need to install Adobe Arobat Reader.   I remember […]

New Anti Virus

Say Good Bye to Amour Anti Virus Almost beginning of this month, my company Anti Virus was expired, and we need to renew. We are using Amour Anti virus previously, but this software, I rate it 2/10 only, because it not really efficient, unable to update from server, even stand alone PC also have to […]

Ubuntu (Season 1)

Since last year June 2006 ,when i started join my company, I meet a colleague – Alvins, a funny and friendly guys who have a lot of IT knowledge and he mention with me a CD which can boot up and run the Operation System(OS) without a Hard Disk Drive(HDD). That mean the Operation System […]

FTP software

After intro a free hosting – Free Hosting in my previous post. I would like to share a useful FTP software that i am using currently – FTP Commander, a freeware, there are two type of FTP commander to download. Due to software legal issue, there are no pirated software allow at my company’s […]