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What is Bouce Rate?

For anyone who is conducting business on the internet and hold a Google Analytics account and established with your webpages, it is most likely you are aware the bounce rate for your web site. However , are you aware anything about precisely how its calculated, what your sector’s normal bounce rate is or simply what […]

Conversion tracking, Site overlay, Exit page and Traffic sources.

Conversion tracking. Conversion tracking allows you to see which phrase generated a sale or inquiry. How does it do this? If you were selling sunglasses and you used the phrase “Rayban sunglasses” in your campaign, when someone puts “Rayban sunglasses” into the search box of Google it would trigger your ad to come up. They […]

Advertlet (Season 3)

Mind to spend me 10 second to do a survey for me? On my previous post on the introducing of Advertlet, (Season 1) and (Season 2) Few days back once of my blogger friend Johnathan ask me Johnathan : “Do you make Advertlet survey on my blog” Me: “Em, not really, althought i have visit […] (Season 2)

I just browse thought WebmasterMalaysia forum and found a topic “Has anyone made money from Advertlets? ” I saw member comparing and Advertlets. For me, i am just a beginner, not much idea can give, what i know about NaffNang is, they give out free Movie ticket for blogger who review the movie, this […]