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Why Yahoo Domain still charge me?

Yahoo sell very cheap domain at $1.99, but the renew fees is killing! 3 time more the normal renew fees. Some webmaster tent to ask why yahoo domain still charge me even my domain name already transfer out? Well, it might be the bug for Yahoo Domain’s System! The system will charge your credit card […]

Free MyNic Domain Name []

As a Malaysian, some of the citizen here wish to own their own Mynic domain name.Any one wish to own a MyNic Domain? is giving Free MyNic Domain Name here. Only available for 20 Blogger who review, and entitle to get a free mynic domain name. Just send me your preferable domain after […]

Migration of Permalink at

Worry loss traffic from Search Engine after change the permalink structure? Here my experience and solution… Since I start to blog, my blogging platform (WordPress) are install in which is a subdomain. Any one who access will be redirect to (subdomain) After few month hardwork on traffic marketing and link building, […]

Transfer Domain Out from Yahoo

Last Year, I bought from Yahoo Domains. Due to the offer are extreme cheap, only USD1.99, approximate MYR7.05 around that time. But, the renew fees of the domain was 9.95USD, around MYR35++ Tips to buy cheap domain at Yahoo The cheap domain is only for new customer only,either your domain are new, or transfer […]

100 Oldest .Com Domain Name

While I using to search for interesting article today, I found a gambling website that talk about 100 Oldest .Com Domain Name… Is is quite weired a gambling website talking on this Tech topic. At last I realize that they are actually looking for the oldest domain that related to gambling, and all the […]

Dot TK, Free Domain

To become a webmaster, own a domain are very normal, normally out there alot of free sub domain, example like , or To obtain a free domain with ur own like, .TK is giving u a free domain. U can sign up a domain just like u want. I have sign up […]