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Tree Monkey Restaurant, Teluk Bahang Penang

We are invited to Tree Monkey Restaurant at Teluk Bahang for food review few month ago, this restaurant is located next to Tropical Spice Garden. We reach there around 6pm, when the sky still bright, we manage to take some photo shooting. The restaurant have nice deco, according to the owner of this restaurant, the […]

Perodua Alza The New Perodua MPV Car

Continuation of Proton Exora effect, Perodua also going to set off a bomb in local automotive market with its new compact MPV car called Perodua Alza. The first thing that crossed my mind was what was the meaning of Alza? How does it relate to this new model of MPV this time? However, no clue […]

HP Original Rewards (Season 4)

I just spend my Starbug RM10 coupon few week back, which redeem from HP Original Reward. Few week back, I receive a call from HP customer service, a girl with a sweet voice told me that my HP original reward point in the account will be expired soon, and I need to redeem some thing […]

HP Original Rewards (Season 3)

Horay!!! I get RM10 Star Bucks Gift Certificate from HP Long long time ago I have blog about HP Original Reward, and also the KFC voucher that I obtain from this program. Due to too buzy last month, I miss out few good deal, such as extra bonus, and also 50% off for the credit […]

HP Original Rewards (Season 2)

Back to my previous post HP Original Rewards, i have show a good reward that offer by HP. Yesterday, i receive a document from AIRPAK at company. When i open it, it is a envolope which send by HP Original Reward. WOw…Some thing special send to me, imediate i opne it, is a member card […]

HP Original Rewards

Do you guys know HP has Original Reward Program? Average 1 HP toner able to redeem 1000++ point, example if you able to collect 11,000 point, you able to redeem RM30 KFC voucher, or 16,000 point to redeem RM50 Body Shop voucher. Event can redeem the HP toner and cartridge. For normal home user, it […]

Maxis lousy service

When people asking me how i will comment on Maxis. Only 1 comment I can give…”Maxis Suck” 1st Suck – Very slow process I have sign up the Maxis Broadband on 4th FEB 2007, but the Maxis come to install for me on nearly middle of march. it delay 1 month plus. 2nd Suck – […]