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CSL DroidPad Blogger Review Event

CSL launch their first Android Tablet name Spice MI700 Droidpad at October, and they having a roadshow at gurney plaza. We are invited to have a simple DroidPad review during their launching at Gurney Plaza. In my impression, CSL is a company that provide 18month warranty for all the product they sell, is the longest […]

Full Review on Maxis Lousy services

When talking about Malaysia Telco, especially Maxis, I have ton of experience to share with. If you ask my personal opinion on this telco, I have a very bad impression on Maxis. As mention before on “Maxis dissapointed me again“, “Maxis Suxxx Again” and “Maxis Lousy Service” and much more that I not really share […]

Evolution of Mobile Entrepreneur

1973: Martin Cooper of motorola makes the first cell phone call to a competitor at bell labs,thereby, inventing a new way of entreperneurs to talk smack to their rivals. 1983: While sitting in the parked car at solders field in chicago, Bell executive Bob Barnett makes the first celular call over a commercial network to […]

New Digi Broadband Service

Digi recently launch their new digi broadband service at 19th March 2009 which using HSPA technology (High Speed Package Access) Digi do have wireless broadband service year ago, the old digi broadband service with using EDGE technology (Enhance Data rate for GSM Evolution), this technology come before 3G service available at Malaysia. Since they are […]

DS300 Mobile Phone from CSL

*DS300 lowest price in Penang RM399 Only, most of the seller out the sell DS300 at RM450 to RM550 Yesterday morning I receive a call from my trusted mobile phone shop, inform me a new mobile phone name DS300 from CSL, which is dual sim card mobile handset have arrive their shop, this mobile phone […]

Vista Theme for Nokia 6300

I bough my candy bar (Nokia 6300 Mobile Phone) almost a year plus, and most of the time, I am using only default theme. Recently I found a special Nokia 6300 theme which related to my IT Engineer’s Life. WIndows Vista theme for Nokia 6300 This Nokia 6300 theme are very nice which about similar […]

Maxis disapointed me again

Do you encounter bad customer service at your service provider? such as bank, restaurant, telco, hotel, bla bla bla… Again and again, this Maxis again make me hot temper to them~ *~Ahrrrr~* 2 month ago when i receive my Maxis Boardband bill, usually is RM68.00 without other charges, but that particular month, it charges me […]

Digi Broadband

If you are looking for Digi Broadband review, kindly refer to “New Digi broadband” Service. Below article are base on Digi Edge Broadband Service which started on year 2004, this service still available, mostly provide the coverage for those area without 3G broadband services. This is the 1st time I made some review on Malaysian […]

Free Call to Landline

Do you feel headache when u receive your phone bills? For me, not yet receive already headache. Every time I dail *128# to retrieve my balance on my handset. The un-bill amount always increase. Damm… I always wonder, if we can call for free, how nice was that. And recently, my dream success half…Free Call […]