When talking about Malaysia Telco, especially Maxis, I have ton of experience to share with. If you ask my personal opinion on this telco, I have a very bad impression on Maxis. As mention before on “Maxis dissapointed me again“, “Maxis Suxxx Again” and “Maxis Lousy Service” and much more that I not really share at my blog.

Since Maxis so bad, Why I still deal with Maxis?
I have quit Maxis service long long time ago, they dispointed me during I use their bad broadband services. I told my self not to touch Maxis any more. Unfortunately, I meet them in the juction this few month.

Overview of my story
Recently I found my phone bill was increase due to communication with my girlfriend, she is using her brother’s supplimentary line with Maxis. After discuss, we plan to change her number to become my supplimentary line, so that we can enjoy free call to each others within a family plan.

Call to Maxis Helpline
One of the helpline’s consultant said require the owner and my self to walk in maxis center to do ownership transfer, unfortunately we unable to arrange a free time. I was asking for alternative solution, the consultant advice me to obtain an authorization letter from her brother, together with photostat identification card and signature.

Walk in Maxis Center ask to double confirm
I always not trust what Maxis’s consultant told. I walk in into Maxis center to tell them what the helpline’s consultant advice. I get another confirmation from them.

Some hickup happen
Few month ago, Maxis suddenly charge extra RM250+ to my girlfriend phone bill (usually RM30 only), after check with Maxis, they said she require to paid first, and Maxis will investigate what is the problem.

Within a week time after she paid, Maxis come back, mention is their system problem, will rebate the money, not in cash, credit back in her account, so she unable to move to other network at the moment, else will lost all the credit there.

In my opinion: Probably this is one of the Maxis business tactic, they know you not satisfy with their service and possible to change to other network, so they force you to paid first, then rebate back the credit to make you stay with them another few month to use up the credit. After few month, you might lost your intention to change telco any more.

Time to change on 9th October 2010
So after few month (last week) we ready the authorization letter, and I walk in into Maxis center to do the process. Here come the problem, maxis center’s consultant told me no such thing of authorization letter to change ownership (maxis always bull shit). I was mad and start to voice louder, I request to see the branch manager. After the consultant chit chat with the manager, the consultant come back and told me this time is an exception, they can do it for me (See! bull shit again)

I request Maxis center convert the number into Hotlink (prepaid) first because when postpaid ownership transfer, it require RM50 fees. But prepaid ownership transfer, not require this fees.

Maxis consultant told me to wait 3 days for the process of ownership transfer, they move the postpaid to prepaid within few hour on that day (still remain same owner)

3 Days later on 14th October 2010
I still did not get any respond from Maxis, I decide to calll maxis postpaid 1800 82 1123, they said the number is currently in prepaid, they unable to do any thing, they request me to call Maxis prepaid. (What the hell Maxis require to have so many division? They really don’t have a good management, unlike other telco)

I call to maxis prepaid helpline 1300 820 120, they told me there are some problem on the ownership transfer.

When Maxis Center doing conversion from postpaid to prepaid, they put the number into YouthClub package (only entitle for 25 year old below) While my self is more then 25 year old, so the system cannot accept ownership transfer, the owner of this number require to convert it into normal prepaid plan (Advise me to do it on the phone). The consultant advice me currently their system under some maintenance, I only able to do it on 15th October onward.

In my Opinion: System lousy we still understood, when change from postpaid to prepaid, the system put the number into YouthClub because the owner is below 25 year old which bring the best benefit. Unfortunately, the consultant already know the ownership transfer issue, and they never use human brain to arrange it. Maxis never stand at customer point of view to think!

Unable to change the prepaid plan on 15th October 2010
The consultant told me if unable to change it on the phone, I require to call in to check again. I am very fet up because using whole morning and afternoon calling 1300 820 120 for more then 20 times, no consultant attend to me, and keep on hearing the 1Malaysia’s song. (1300 number is not toll free! Who should I claim my phone bill from? Maxis?)

I have call Maxis postpaid 1800 82 1123 check, same reason from them, they number is current in prepaid, they cannot do much thing for me. I request the consultant to try the best, help me contact the Maxis center or prepaid division, and the consultant agree.

Around 5.30pm, I try my luck for 1300 820 120 prepaid helpline. Some one pickup, and after check, the consultant told me the number I give is not maxis number (WTF… What the bullshit?) I does not panic, because most of the Maxis consultant are blur and no product knowledge. So I ask the consultant if the number is not in the system or not Maxis number? Why in the case number I provide still have that number in the report? The consultant unable to answer me and put me on hold again (Different between DG and Maxis is, Maxis consultant always put me on hold longer, let me enjoy the lovely song)

When the consultant come back to me, mention that this number ownership already change to my name (OMG! I was happy, because I can get rid from MAXIS already) and last question I ask, what is the prepaid plan I am in right now? The consultant said is YouthClub. What the heck previosly the consultant told me unable to change ownership is because of YouthClub, and now able to do it? (This is what MAXIS always done to their customer)

Imediately after office hour, I can’t event wait 1 more second to stay with MAX’SHIT, I went to DG and do the telco conversion. DG told me next day I able to use it already.

Funny call from MAXIS on 16th October 2010
I receive a call from Maxis, tell me the ownership already transfer from my girlfriend’s brother name to my name. I also told MAXIS i have 1 more announcement for them. I said I already transfer from MAXIS to DG!

At the meantime, I told the MAXIS personnel how un-satisfy I am with MAXIS!  and 1 more thing I found from this ‘consultant’ was, the ownership transfer require 1 week, not 3 days as the MAXIS center’s consultant said. If this is real, the timing is right, while the YouthClub plan thingy, is just a BULL SHIT from MAXIS

My self always DG supporter, I never found any problem with their services, their helpline are very friendly, knowledgeable too. I wonder since MAXIS so lousy service, why you all are still using them?