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Data Center Firewall

Data centers have become abundant in the increasingly technology-based business environment of the  21st Century. Because of this growth, data centers provide a new field for trends in computing and  networking driving revisions to IT infrastructure strategies and, along with new strategies, new methods  to bolster network security. Presented in this module are characteristics and […]

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Cisco ASA Firewall with FirePOWER Service

Until today, small to midsized businesses (SMBs), midsized organizations, and distributed enterprises requiring advanced threat protection have been underserved. These organizations have had to settle for costly, impractical-to-administer, point solutions, including legacy next-generation firewalls, or less secure Unified Threat Management (UTM) solutions. The new Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Services 5506-X, 5508-X, and 5516-X are purpose-built […]


Access Point Radio Chain Nomenclature

When we checking access point specification, we always come across “2×3:2”, “3 x 4:3”, this represent MIMO radio design and spatial streams (MIMO mean multiple input, multiple output) Lets define a common nomenclature used on the access points and for that matter on all access points sold today. For this example we’ll show the Ruckus […]


Why we need Next-Gen Firewall?

We see this in the news on a seemingly weekly basis: large corporations get hacked and lose sensitive data. At first glance we might think that large businesses are the primary targets of hackers. However beneath the headlines is a more alarming problem. The truth is that small businesses and distributed enterprises like yours are […]


ZyXEL Wireless AP WAC6500 Series

ZyXEL 802.11ac Wireless AP WAC6500 Series with featuring Smart Antenna, Enables High-Performance Wi-Fi in High-Density Environment ZyXEL Smart Antenna embeds an intelligent software algorithm that can compute and change the patterns dynamically for moving users. Over 700 optimized antenna patterns enhance the signal accuracy so as to provide the best performance anytime, anywhere. “Switch-beam” technique […]

Netximizer Product Datasheet

After a month preparation for the Netximizer workshop, together with the vendor, the workshop successfully conducted at my company office, I had further understanding on the Internet Continuity and Business Continuity on the product. More information on the product feature, kindly refer to the blog I posted some time ago about Netximizer. Not much information […]

Extreme Network Vs Cisco Switch

Extreme Networks is not a familiar brand for me, and recently there is a request for Cisco alternative model to Extreme X450 and X350. Is difficult to source this kind of information where Extreme Network versus Cisco Switch. The alternative of Extreme Network X350 to Cisco will be WS-C2960S-24TS-L, while for Extreme X450 alternative will be Cisco WS-C3750X-24T-S. […]

Fortinet Portfolio

Fortinet has a wide range of devices. Besides the flagship FortiGate line of devices. In addition to FortiGate – there is a wide range of additional devices including management and analytics, wireless access points, virtual machine deployments for cloud deployments and mail, web and database among others. Six ICSA certifications (Firewall, AV, IPS, IPSec VPN, […]

Netximizer The Internet Continuity for Small and Medium Enterprise

What does Internet continuity mean to you? There is no denying: the Internet has become the single most important aspect of business life. Most if not all businesses use it and depend on it (apart from your road-side food stalls maybe). While most organisations may be concerned with the performance of their hardware, network settings […]