I went to Kuala Muda for shooting sun set month ago, but unfortunately, the weather not nice, sun are too shy at that time, always behind the cloud. Well, last 2 week I manage to visit there again.

Kuala Muda is not in Penang Island, which is located on mainland, about 20minute heading to the north from ferry. How to go there?

Kuala Muda Penang

Again my friend lost his direction, lucky he bring his Nokia N95 with GPS Navigator. While on the way there, around 5pm, and we pass by Paddy field so called “Rice Field” too (“Sawah Padi” in malay language), and decide to stop by and look for some nice corner for shooting.

Sawah Padi Penang Photography

The weather is very hot that time, not really able to snap a nice photo, and on that days onward, I only realize that the real “structure” for the paddy.

Green Sawah Padi at Kuala Muda

The green field full of green paddy, I guess another few month, all this paddy will be ready to cook as rice πŸ˜€

Tree behind sawah padi

On this hot weather, the best thing is hide under the big tree.

river behind sawah padi

Planting padis need water, there are a small river in between the field, but the river is smaller then I imagine. πŸ˜›

Sawah Padi River

sawah padi river

When we eating rice, we have to think how hard those people who plant padis.

green sawah padi

After finish shooting paddy field, we again heading to Kuala Muda.

small pylon

Electrick Pylon

Around 6.30PM, the sun is going down, but still did not have a full sun to photograph.

sun set at kuala muda

So this two big children trying to entertain them self while waiting for the sun set. Nai (left) bring a small kite which cost RM0.99 (approximate $0.30), and David (right)

Playing Kite

The wind are very huge, and they manage to fly the kite very high, both of them look very happy… what a wonderful outing πŸ˜›

Guy playing kite

About 7pm, the sun set is begin, we trying to snap it as much as we can.

Sun is going down

After snap a lot photo, then we only choose some nice picture, but I still not satisfy with all this result. May be without bring tripod at that time.

sun set at kuala muda

kuala muda sun set

about 15 minute, the sun set at kuala muda finish, we have to pack out thing and heading to out next destination… Dinner time πŸ˜€

Here some snap shot on wikimapia.com,

Another good corner over there was the fishing docking, but that days we did not walk over there.

I still manage to snap some sun set photo last week, still remember I mention before my next photography destination, the place is actually name “Teluk Bayu“, not much photograph over there, major for sun set again, I will post up the photo soon, stay tune πŸ˜€