Since I bough my Nikon D80 beginning of this year, I did not have much communicate with my camera, just few outing with friend such as “My 1st outing“, Kek Lok Si Photo Outing 1 and kek Lok Si Photo Outing 2 during Chinese New Year.

Reason why I did not communicated much with my camera? A lot Photography freak ask me this question, but after asnwering them, most of them don’t like my answer… OK, forgot about this, let me share the photography magazine below, Photography freak should like it.

My self, quite long time did not read photography magazine already, have to take this opportunities to gain more knowledge from here, going to download this Popular photography magazine from this link…

hxxp://ra*pidsha**es/113979246/3063PPJ2008.rar or

hxxp://www.meg*auplo* or


Tips: To access the link, just change the hxxp to http, and eliminate the * in the link, and the password to access the file are “”

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