Quite some time ago, during my x-company Wifi Installation, the vendor has introduce us a strong& powerful Wifi receiver, Senao Engenius wireless receiver which is a long range USB wifi adapter. According to them, this product can detect distance 3 time far away then normal wifi receiver. I am not believe at that time.

Last 2 week, on the Wifi Treasure Hunt, I borrow the senao engenious wireless adapter from my colleague, but end up no use with this lousy competition. ๐Ÿ™ Yesterday I have nothing do, and install the driver for this device and play it around.

Before I use Senao Engenius wireless receiver to search, I am using my Dlink Wifi receiver, the result as below, Only 3 signal I found.

This is the device I use, Senao EnGenious Long Range Wifi Adapter, and the result are awesome and great. Really a unbelievable Powerful Wifi Receiver I ever meet.

Inside this box, there are a USB cable, 1 Antenna, and the Senao EnGenius Wifi Adapter, of course driver CD also included.

The Senao EnGenius are totally can’t compare with our normal Wifi Receiver.

Here is the scan result, and some more not 1 page, there are 2 page of result.

4 time more signal then my normal wifi adapter detect

My 2 cent
Senao EnGenius consider a Powerful Wifi Receiver, it is a nice product for capture long distance signal, it better then the Poor Man Wifi, for sure, Poor Man Wifi is of Poor Man which without much budget, and this device consider RICH MAN WIFI, because the market is selling MYR300++($90) and the distributor price I get around is nearly RM300.

Tips and Trick
If you can detect some poor Wifi signal within your house area and without encryption key, you can consider to buy Senao EnGenius, you will save up your internet bills a lot with this Powerful Wifi Receiver. ๐Ÿ™‚