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Free Movie Ticket (GSC Promotion)

GSC Fun Break offer a BUY 1 FREE 1 movie ticket, valid from 18th August, 2007 onwards during the school holiday break, promotion until end of September, 2007. This offer is valid for the asterisk (*) movies only and each patron will be limited to two (2) coupons per transaction only. Check out the list […]

Negaraku Song

Yesterday when i chatting with my X-housemate, Tee at MSN, he give me a youtube link, after viewing this video, i am realize that quite some time ago has a Muar boy making his own Music , upload in youtube, at the end he became so famous, see the news here

McD Video Game

Recently i saw a nice flash game which promoting McDonald, this game let u assume u are the manager of McD, and manage to produce burger and running business. U need to control and maintain the producer of cow and the soy Before you play the game, just read the Tutorial or if not […]

Watch Movie Online

Recently alot of new Movie are screeming, such as transformer and Die Hard 4,  and i cant make a time to watch, every day buzy blogging and visit myblogger friend’s blog. The only demotivated is “NO CHICK” accompany me to the movie… :(  I found a Nice website which able to watch latest movie online, you […]

Guys Must Buy

Guys! you need to buy this kind of Can drink… Why,??? when you ask your girl friend what to drink, normally they will answer “whatever” or “Anything”, just give them this… Here have some funny thing about female wanna share with you all, but no offence to my female reader ya..just have fun (more…)

Watch TV Online (TVU)

I always seen movie, shows those people are watching TV or news online, even Hong Kong drama also shows the actors watching new with Window Media Players.   Quite some time ago, my friend introduce me a software call TVU, this software is an application that able to watch Online TV channel. When i tested […]

Free Music at MSN

Do you all heard before hear music at MSN? This was amazing when once of my friend – Benny introduce me with provice me this email “” Benny: i introduce one person for u,he is a good singer, he can sing song for you. Me: who is that person, do i know him? (Haiz, is HE, […]

Desktop War

Few week back when I was chatting with my college S.K.LEE, he show me 1 link, it is damm funny and I would like to show to all my visitor. But i have not much knowledge to embed SWF flash file in to wordpress. with using <embed> code that i learn pass few days, it […]

Pirated of Caribbean III

Last week, my friend Dave has send me a youtube URL, is a trailer of Pirated of Caribbean trailer, this movie should be nice and i just wonder to share it here with all my visitor and friend. Problem i encounter is to add this trailer here, after googling and ask for those sifu sifu […]