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What Happening in my life

520, ???, May 20th

Today early in the morning, I receive a SMS from a friend – Erica, the SMS content is about today’s date… Honestly I really don’t know today is what date, until I read the whole SMS and realize today is 20th May – Chinese “I love you” day. The content describe that today, May 20th, […]

Friendship come from Trust or benefit?

What does friendship mean? ist come from trust? or just come from benefit? Benefit or Needs For me, i would vote for both. I like sincere friendship, but without benefit, also wont stay long. Benefit that i mention here can be monetory or needs. Such as a husband and wife, other then turst and sincere,honest to each […]

Labour Day cum Wesak Day

“May Day!… May Day!… Air Plane going to crash” 1st of May Today is 1st of May, Malaysian Labour days… Oops, labour day is it standard for the whole world? Yup it is… not only my country, most countries celebrate Labour Day on May 1, known as May Day. Today, most of the people are […] says HELLO to the World

Welcome to, Your Gateway To My Knowledge.        This is my first post. I would like to share my world to all my visitor. Thank for visiting here. Below are my brief profile. Name : Lee Calvyn Age : 23++ Location : Penang, Malaysia Occupation : IT Officer (Hospitalities) Hobbies : Photograph Interested : Online, […]