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What is DNS

DNS, so-called Domain Name Server! Most of the IT personnel know how to configure the Domain Name Server or DNS IP during manual configure on IP address, but does them really know how it works? Without this DNS address, normally the PC can’t access to internet… Is it the gateway to access Internet??? Nope… You […]

PenangFon (Fiber Optic)

Do you heard before PenangFon? PenangFon or Penang Fiber Optic Network is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) special for Penang resident. At the moment, not all location available, only certain location have this service, mostly are apartment and condominium. For the price, cheaper then Streamyx and MaxisBB. Check out the Service Area and the Pricing […]

Test Your Bandwidth

Now a days alot of people have internet connection, most Internet popular Service provider (ISP) will be Streamyx, and it have different package, some are 512Kbps and 1.0Mbps. The other Internet Service Provider (ISP) along Malaysia will be Jaring, Maxis Boardband, Penang Fon(Penang) and Metro Fon (KL) Today, a friend of mine, Benny, asking me […]

Webmaster Forum

Forum, is very useful space for all the member to share opinion together, participants with common interests can exchange open messages. How i become a webmaster? Other then a little bit knowledge on web design. i still need to look for more knowledge beside simple web design, such as FTP (file transfet protocol), SEO (search […]