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Google Wave said GoodBye

Google recently announced the official demise of its real-time collaboration protocol, Wave. A well-received, even forward-thinking concept when it was first introduced more than a year ago, Wave was supposed to supplant e-mail and change online communications forever. Instead, the “very clever product” – as described by CEO Eric Schmidt – was a little too […]

Functional areas and business functions

A business organisation often includes functional areas such as administration, human resource, finance, MIS (management information systems), production, marketing, sales and purchasing. An enterprise function is a group of activities and processes put in place to support a specific part of the mission of the enterprise, and each activity or process is usually supported by […]

What is Enterprise Concepts

In this section you will review the basic concepts of a business organisation, particularly with respect to the nature of the business, its mission, goals and objectives, and business environment. You need a very good understanding of the nature and characteristics of the business of an organisation before you can address the important issues of […]

Malaysia F1 Team vs Ferrari F1

Recently news mention that Malaysia is going to setup one F1 team to participate the World F1 Championships. Sound like great! but do you agree with what our country decide? Government invest this kind of money to build the 1 Malaysia F1 team will worth? or is a waste? What your opinion on Malaysia F1 […]

Buy RM20 Starbucks Gift Voucher with only RM10

For our debit/credit card statement, normally it will come with some promotion broucher, and usually I just throw it away without reading much. Unfortunately today I was “free enough” to read it, and found a special part which able to attract me. Buy 1 free 1 for Starbucks Gift Voucher Recently I always hang around […]

Does Conficker Virus Fool the world

Today was 1st of April, and I was thinking today who going to fool me, no matter how this prank are, actually I don’t mind. As long I can get fool with a creative way, 😀 to get some surprise on this April Fool. Unfortunately, still have few hour to end this April Fool, but […]

Microsoft Technical Event [Penang]

Attention to all Penang Techie, another event from Microsoft Date : 14 June 2008, Saturday Venue : Intel Technology Sdn. Bhd. (PG12 Auditorium) Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone Phase 3, Halaman Kampung Jawa 11900 Penang, Malaysia. Below are the agenda: For this event, organize by Four Malaysian Technical communities, Intel IT Technical Community Malaysia Chapter […]

Microsoft Webinars

Hurry! Microsoft Webinars for Office 2007… it was late, suppose to said that I post this news late 😛 The 1st Webinar on this Office 2007 was today morning, I just check my email today and found this event. The following Webinar will held at 21th MAY, below are the schedule until june (more…)