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Desktop War

Few week back when I was chatting with my college S.K.LEE, he show me 1 link, it is damm funny and I would like to show to all my visitor. But i have not much knowledge to embed SWF flash file in to wordpress. with using <embed> code that i learn pass few days, it […]

Dot TK, Free Domain

To become a webmaster, own a domain are very normal, normally out there alot of free sub domain, example like , or To obtain a free domain with ur own like, .TK is giving u a free domain. U can sign up a domain just like u want. I have sign up […]

Pirated of Caribbean III

Last week, my friend Dave has send me a youtube URL, is a trailer of Pirated of Caribbean trailer, this movie should be nice and i just wonder to share it here with all my visitor and friend. Problem i encounter is to add this trailer here, after googling and ask for those sifu sifu […]

Network View

I seen like never mention on my IT officer life on my blog before, as an IT Officer, i take care of whole company IT infrastructure, inculde all the server and workstation, software inventories and also network architecture. Still IT Technician  I just have this problem when i start my IT Officer life 2 Year […] (Season 2)

I just browse thought WebmasterMalaysia forum and found a topic “Has anyone made money from Advertlets? ” I saw member comparing and Advertlets. For me, i am just a beginner, not much idea can give, what i know about NaffNang is, they give out free Movie ticket for blogger who review the movie, this […]